A világ legnagyobb Audi találkozója 11-ik alkalommal kerül megrendezésre 2019. augusztus 11-én vasárnap, 10 és 16 óra között az angliai Corby városa mellett, a Deene Parkban, ahol a korábbi években közel kétezer Audi gyűlt össze. Részletek az AITP11 Facebook eseményében és a honlapon.

The Worlds biggest Audi event is back for more in 2019.

Now in its 11th year, Audis in the Park (Aitp) has firmly established itself as the undisputed king of Audi events.

Set in the grounds of a Northamptonshire stately home, Audis in the Park brings together Audi owners and enthusiasts to celebrate the prestigious brand with a day of all things Audi.

Old, new, standard or modified, if it’s an Audi, it’s welcome! No snobbery, no them and us and no “mine is better than yours”

Tickets £20 per person on the gate or £15 in advance from www.audisinthepark.com.

For more information on how you can get involved and to answer any questions you might have, please visit www.audisinthepark.com